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Jan 2013 - Middle Age Meet Up - DETAILS

posted Jan 16, 2013 22:32:18 by glenglenglen
Right then, the time is upon us. Huge thanks to Gav and Jack, here's the plan.

Turn up in Tooting on Saturay 26th.
Play football in Balham
Party like its 2003-05 in Balham
Wake up with sore heads.

Gav & Jack have booked a couple of twin rooms in Balham, the rest will stay with them in Tooting. This is so we're all located close by each other. If folk stay with Charlie, or me, we'd spend most of the weekend commuting. Doesn't matter who stays where (apart from Jack & Gav as they have keys) as we've averaged out the cost per man to make it fair - we'll draw lots on arrival for accommodation.

A pitch is booked in Balham, right by the hotel and also right by a pub where Gav and Jack have reserved us a table for after so we can do man of the match and dick of the day and also collapse in peace.

After the pub we'll split to respected accommodation and then meet up in Balham for a night out in that area - lively enough and will keep the cost down in comparison to Central London.

Thanks to Gav & Jack's kindness in booking up front the total for pitch and accommodation is just £21.50 per man. Thats each, regardless of where you're staying.

Glen, Cappsy, Gav, Jack, Charlie, Alf, John, Dan Hill, Tommo, Miller, Matt Crucefix (day only), Hollywood (night only)
with Joe Burr and Vinesy hopefully joining us too.
If anyone is now available who wasn't initially tell us and we'll get you squeezed in.

Can you all please text me your number (I'm on 07736 943652) for ease of planning. And obviously get me on there if you've any questions.

"Showers are for naked people"
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3 replies
Mattcruce said Jan 16, 2013 23:57:49
what time is the game starting? just looking into buses.
glenglenglen said Jan 17, 2013 07:18:07
Its either 2pm or 3pm; I can't remember I'll have to check with Jack. We've said aim to be at theirs for 12 in case of travel disruption - train delays, tube strikes, people chucking helicopters about, that sort of thing
"Showers are for naked people"
Mattcruce said Jan 18, 2013 16:12:24
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