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Middle Age Meet Up Planning

posted Nov 19, 2012 14:04:33 by glenglenglen
OK, so the details, as they stand so far...

Myself and Mr Capps turn 30 in January and February respectively, so to eas the pain of this we thought we'd get the 4ths back together for football based fun.

Date: Weekend of 26th/27th January 2013
I should imagine this would take the usual 4th team form of 'quiet one' for the eraly arrivals on night of Friday 25th. Game played somewhere on the 26th, with bigger night out to follow.

Destination: London
Yes, it is a big place and so we'll narrow it down nearer to the weekend.

What we need on this thread;
1. Let us know if you're definitely in or not.
2. Planning: Who we playing? Where we going? Where we staying?

Away you go...
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PaulJamesMiller said Nov 25, 2012 19:47:06
I'm in but I would like a few others to also agree as I don't know the safe parts of south london and will therefore definitely end up at club where my shade of milky whiteness might mean i stand out a bit!!! Not good :(
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glenglenglen said Dec 11, 2012 04:04:30
Thank you Miller, glad someone is on the ball. Can we ensure this is happening please lads.

In addition to the first post above here's the current list of participants as I understand it.

Definitely up for this (14);
Glen, Cappsy, Miller, John Murr, Charlie, Christian, Gav, Jack, Ernesto, Alfie, Dan Hill, Dan Vines, Tommo, Joe Burr,

Yet to decide/tell anyone (10);
Jazz, Adie, Matt CRUCEFIX, Ben Eccleston, Hollywood, Riley, Chris O. Chris L. Gerard, Andy

Definitely not coming (4)
Alec, Scratch, Joe Stevens, Dan 'Roma'

Charlie, Gav, Jack... are any of you likely to be able to sort a game for us on the Saturday? If not I'll try and get one sorted.
"Showers are for naked people"
DavidCapps said Dec 12, 2012 20:40:55
I am there with nobs on, although I imagine you all assumed this as I amone of the two elderly gentlemen whos birthdays it is. I can chase up the Lincoln based members if needs be
PaulJamesMiller said Dec 13, 2012 22:31:14

I'm there absolutely, despite giving up halfway through your essay. Im appalled at the lack of effort shown by jaz and Alec. It's only a short journey by Concorde. Glenn if u need a hand with owt (northern word) then just let me know. Also. When are your boys playing the likes of orient Southend or col u? Have to meet up.
Murrrrr said Dec 14, 2012 10:13:59
I'm in.

Given Charlie's obsession with made in essex, does he still count as a 4th teamer?

Actually, does he still count as a person?
CharlieAnthonyAkinwunmi said Dec 17, 2012 16:47:08
Apologies for the delay lads i am down for this ! I will be staying at mine which is still open to others if they need or want it, i live in west London which is a bit of trek but i don't see the point or logic in paying for hotel in London when i live in London and if a few of you decided to stay at mine it will end up being about a fiver in a cab back each. John its made in Made in Chelsea and i would just like to let you know that its been 5 days and i haven't had a dream about you as yet. Partially celebrating about this but I don't know what tonight has for offer. PS I have noticed my warnings of a night out in south London have gone unheard, more fall you all hahaha. Joking be a good crack wherever we go. Tooting is the hub of quality music and good vibes.

Love you all and stay blessed

Charles x
ErnestoDelRio said Dec 18, 2012 23:10:39
Hello everybody,

I am so sorry, but I didn´t realise that weekend I am in Cologne in a international tradefair and I can´t go to the meet up.

Glen have sent me an email and have told me the weekend and I can´t.

I know that maybe you have changed other meetings and travels to go to the meet up but is it possible to change it to the weekend before or after? I can go whenever but that weekend.

I hope you can make it.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

glenglenglen said Dec 31, 2012 01:40:08
Update on numbers below

Definitely up for this (12 - 11 day and 11 night);
Glen, Cappsy, Miller, John Murr, Charlie, Gav, Jack, Alfie, Dan Hill, Tommo, Matt Crucefix (day time only), Hollywood (night only)

Maybe (3);
Christian, Joe Burr, Dan Vines (Joe and Vines has applied for leave off work, but won't know if they get it until mid January)

Yet to decide/tell anyone (4);
Riley, Chris O. Chris L. Andy

Not available (10):
Alec, Scratch, Joe Stevens, Dan 'Roma', Jazz, Roma, Gerrard, Ernesto, Benny, Adie
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"Showers are for naked people"
DaveCarver said Nov 20, 2013 21:24:57
Hi Boys,

I'm back in England this December but heading to the U.S Jan 4ish so regrettably I'm out, unless for some reason they don't let me back in! Now I knw this is in the pipeline I'm kinda hoping they don't so I can attend!

Miss you all!

P.s if Caps and Glen are tuning 30 are we also celebrating The Hills 40th?

Gerrard x
Murrrrr said Nov 20, 2013 21:32:35
You for real Gerard??

An I missing something here? Like say, a year?
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