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Nottingham Trip - 2nd July

posted Jun 14, 2011 13:11:18 by glenglenglen
Right then... who's in?
"Showers are for naked people"
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18 replies
Murrrrr said Jun 14, 2011 14:14:27
I am!
AlecWaby said Jun 14, 2011 14:29:49
I am in and can't wait!
ErnestoDelRio said Jun 14, 2011 14:38:58
I am in,
theleroy said Jun 14, 2011 15:20:27
Me, the 5th team imposter, is in!
DavidCapps said Jun 14, 2011 15:34:14
I too am there. With bells on
danielhill14 said Jun 14, 2011 19:15:44
Yep, definitely there for the night out. The way it's looking, I may even sack off cricket to be around for the game, too...This way I'll get more time in Hooters. I do love those BBQ wings...
glenglenglen said Jun 14, 2011 21:17:14
I've never heard them called that before.

Who else is in alongside us then? Am I right in thinking its Alf, Jack, Gav, Charlie and Tommo?
"Showers are for naked people"
theleroy said Jun 14, 2011 21:35:31
Well, my A at GCSE maths has come in handy cos I believe that adds up to 12, and I also believe Jack isn't playing.... so that gives us 11? Which will mean that I'll be playing 90minutes?

John.... will there be oxygen canisters made available for us unfit fuckers?
glenglenglen said Jun 14, 2011 22:04:23
Miller is in as well... so minimum 11... 12, if Hill does the decent thing and sacks cricket off. Joe Stevens and Christian are both still down as maybes too, so could rise
"Showers are for naked people"
danielhill14 said Jun 15, 2011 00:02:58
Christian's in from what I can tell. He's making plans for it, so assume he's about...
Jack said Jun 15, 2011 17:43:31
Me, Gav Charlie and Tommo are in just looking to sort accommodation. John has really put an idea on the table it would be stupid to turn down.

theleroy said Jun 15, 2011 21:16:36
Pretty sure Hooters is already booked!
john_moore17 said Jun 22, 2011 10:36:37
Hooters is indeed booked - for 8pm.

Which means,

Match @ 3pm
Post game drink in The Arrow circa 5.30pm for DoD/MoM
Back at your respective places of residence for the evening @ 6.30pm
Taxis to Hooters @ 7.30pm

I cannot stress enough how important the 7.30pm taxi time is. This is a massive fight, Hooters will be busy, and they will not hesitate in giving away our table if we are late.

Enough of serious John, bring it on bitches!!!! Hill can you confirm if you are playing? Please do, i'd really rather a bit part than a full game. I'd also like to berate my Arnold players at half time if the 4ths are handing out a spanking.
glenglenglen said Jun 22, 2011 12:51:43
What time is the fight? How long is it likely to last (if going the distance)?

I only watch Boxing at the Olympics, which is of course a whole different ball/fighting game
"Showers are for naked people"
john_moore17 said Jun 22, 2011 14:12:42
Fight is at 9pm. but the timings for events like this are loose to say the least. Fight could last 10 * 3 plus interim time. realistically it could be an hour.
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